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real-time Tracking


The real-time tracking system "easyPOSALERT" from Weatherdock is suitable for sporting competitions and is aimed mainly at sailing clubs and associations. The small portable transmitters for the ships, the receiver unit on land and the software form a "stand alone" solution, which could easily respond better than others to higher demands and is completely independent of GSM mobile networks or similar systems, which may be poor and overburdened.

The Nuremberg Weatherdock company has developed a system that can fulfill exactly these requirements. These units are small portable transmitters that are mounted on the ships. These transmitters determine the current position by way of an integrated GPS module and transmit this position via VHF-radio to a receiver which is installed on shore.

WinGPS is a navigation software for sports boats that can run on standard Windows PCs and notebooks.

The software is available in 3 different versions:  Navigator, Pro and Voyager.

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