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Regatta Tracking at Lipton Cup 2013 in South Africa


Nothing better than a high-class event to show the advantages of what really real–time tracking for regatta competitions means. From 7 to 12 July 2013 takes place "the Lipton Cup Regatta Challange" in Durban, South Africa. We find a very good definition of this championship in its official homepage: “The Ola Lipton Challenge Cup is a one design class event, meaning that every single yacht is the same design, same length and same weight making the regatta a battle of wits, testing the crews’ skill and capabilities out on the water.” Isn´t that the best opportunity to check a tracking system?

For the coverage of this event, the "Royal Natal Yacht Club" has published a website, where they offer the opportunity to follow live the Challenge Cup. Since the site was put online on Friday, 6th July, it is constantly receiving AIS messages from vessels up to 500 nautical miles away (at about Jeffreys Bay) and occasionally from as far as Cape Town harbor 800nmi away.

RaceTRACK: real-time tracking system by Weatherdock

Tracking - system for regatta series ... but how does it work?
The equipment used to receive the signals is a Weatherdock standard equipment, a Class B AIS transponder (easyTRX2S-WiFi) connected to a 1.5m Spark/DB/6 Banten antenna with 3dBi rod. A VHF transmitter RaceTRACK is mounted on every ship and sends out current GPS position, speed and course over ground to the base station.

The installation height of the receiving antenna at the base station is about 80m above sea level.


RED BULL Storm Chase 2012 with easyPOSALERT

The easyPOSALERT tracking system of Weatherdock was adopted by the competition RED BULL Storm Chase 2012. In this case it was used with the purpose to provide security to the participating surfers. The aim of this event is to defy the forces of nature with a 10 wind force (approx. 100m/h) and to win the contest.

Each participant and the entire security and camera personnel in the water received such a small transmitter.  All of them could be tracked in real time by activating the device.

Homepage RED BULL Storm Chase


A unique sailing experience: the BMW Sailing Cup

The BMW Sailing Cup is the largest international regatta series for amateurs and racing and recreational sailing enthusiasts. Nine qualifying races will be held in all of Germany in 2013. The winning teams will qualify for the BMW Sailing Cup finals in Germany in October. The crew which prevails here is invited to the World Finals to be held in the following season.

All boats racing and competition marks are equipped with a small portable FM transmitter easyPOSALERT. Using GPS location reports together with course and speed, the data is sent via VHF radio to a receiver on land, which processes the signals and forwards them to the corresponding WinGPS software. This sailing regatta software allows a visually appealing display using a wide-screen display or video wall.

Homepage BWL Sailing Cup


ASA Cape Point Challenge

This regatta is held around the False Bay down to Cape Point at the Cape of Good Hope. Each regatta boat is equipped with a small portable position transmitter, the easyPOSALERT.

On land, several receivers are positioned strategically in order to optimally receive the position reporst of the ships across the bay and down to the Cape. The receivers are connected via LAN and internet to a central computer, which takes over data processing and visualization.

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