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With this complete package you can equip up to 10 sailing regatta, as well as 5-turn, start and end markers with position transmitters. This provides the basis for a visually interesting presentation of the race course to the public on shore.

The regatta software in conjunction with a large screen or projector screen makes the event to land perfectly.


The package includes:

10 transmitters for Regatta boats
5 transmitters for course markers
10 battery charger
1 Programming station for transmitter
1 Programming Software for transmitter
1 Nootbook with Tracking Software
2 hours course of instruction in Weatherdock´s or  Yacht-Elektrik´s headquarters

Visualization and maps:

The following variants are possible during the visualization of a race course:

1. WinGPS software with blue screen without a map background. The positions of the boats and of the buoy marks are all proportional to each other.

2. The use of the software with free maps materials from OpenStreetMap or OpenSeaMap is also possible for an extra charge.
Depending on the required area, the effort to convert the maps for the software and their integration is different. The same applies to inland waters with open maps.

3. Official maps
Naturally, it is possible to use the WinGPS software with official maps.

It is also possible to customize your event for the best possible presentation, which can be done in consultation with the WinGPS company, contact person: Mathias Jürgens.

In order to check the availability for your appointment, please fill out the inquiry.


Part #:
Battery shelf life:
Operation life:

Operating temp. range:
Storage temp. range:
Dimensions (L x W x H):

Leaflet (PDF Document)

5 years
+72 hours @ -20ºc
(depending on the transmission period)
-10 °C to +55 °C
-30 °C to +60 °C
140 x 140 x 35mm
400 g


Training / instruction at your place

  • Km flat rate € 0.30 per Km

  • Traveling time each hour 25 €

  • Training hour weekday  75 €

  • Training hour weekend  90 €

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