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Weatherdock AG is a leading manufacturer of electrical equipment for maritime navigation and safety purposes based in Nuremberg, Germany. The devices are mainly used in recreational boating but are also increasingly utilized in commercial shipping. The company was founded in 2003 by the three board members as a privately owned public corporation. All of our products are developed in Nuremberg and they are produced at other locations but only in Germany. The company Weatherdock is managed by its three board members Alfred Kotouczek-Zeise, Jürgen Zimmermann and Wolfgang Werner.

Weatherdock is managed by means of modern management, methods and software tools in continuation to the experiences the management has got over the long lasting involvement in large international companies before Weatherdock AG was founded. Das Unternehmen wurde 2003 von den drei Vorständen als Aktiengesellschaft in privatem Besitz gegründet. Die Entwicklung sämtlicher Produkte findet in Nürnberg statt, die Fertigung erfolgt an anderen Standorten, aber ausschließlich in Deutschland. Die Firma Weatherdock wird durch die drei Vorstände Alfred Kotouczek-Zeise, Jürgen Zimmermann und Wolfgang Werner geführt.

Das Unternehmen Weatherdock wendet modernste Methoden, Software und Tools an. Die Umsetzung erfolgt durch moderne Managementverfahren, welche die Gründer und Vorstände in den vergangenen 15 Jahren selbst in einem großen internationalen Konzern angewendet haben und nun erfolgreich weiterführen.

Company History

2006: Market entrance into electronics for the pleasure boat market with the first AIS receiver "easyAIS" and antenna splitter " easySPLIT"

2007-2009: 2 new innovative products per year in the area of radio reception for the pleasure boat market, as e.g.:

      easyAIS 2nd Generation, AIS receiver
      easyTRX AIS Class B transceiver
      easyDVBT, DVBT Television by means of a regular VHF antenna

2008: Award "Founder of the year" 2008 by the Nuremberg metropolitan area for market success and social competence.

The business philosophy of the Weatherdock company can be described by the following 4 guidelines:
We make data reception safe, easy and comfortable.
Our customers receive a first-class product, which is helpful and easy to use.
We do everything well above average.
We bring ideas forward.

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